Witches' Night Out Fall Market

We are overflowing with excitement about the magic we are going to bring to all of you at Witches' Night Out at BatHaus on October 22. Join us for a magic market and fall celebration complete with coven crafters, macabre makers, and purveyors of witchy wares. We've hand curated a selection of vendors bringing you art, flair, vintage, soaps, jewels, and more.  

Sit a spell for tarot readings offered by Ammo O'Day and Heathen Prophecies. Dine on deliciously dark delicacies served by Poison Batch Bakery. Imbibe wine and mulled cider, and feast on sinister sweets. Step into our photo area to document your witchiest garb.

Join us for this celebration of all things mystical, macabre, and magical.


Solstice Celebration Ritual

Tonight at the stroke of midnight on December 22, autumn will officially pass and the dawning of winter will commence. The longest day of the year is upon us, but from here there begins a slow creeping toward summer, and a return to light-filled days. We take this moment now as an opportunity to not only reflect on the year that has passed but to set intentions and plan ahead for the year to come, making sure to feel the gratitude for all that winter has to offer us in the way of recharging and rest.

We got together for our first Winter Solstice as a Coven; we exchanged gifts, ate a delicious meal of winter root vegetables and vegan cookies, and performed our short but effective ritual to prepare for the months ahead and honor the days gone by. 

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Folklore Friday//The History of Mistletoe

Today, mistletoe is where we might meet a cute person to share a holiday kiss, but it actually has a rich history that begins in Norse mythology, Druid ritual, and Roman celebration.

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