The Final New Moon of 2015

Tonight, at approximately 10.29 Universal Time (5.29 am on Friday December 11th for NYC dwellers) the last new moon of 2015 will come to pass. And boy, is it a good one.

The badass, freedom-seeking energy of Sagittarius brings to light a myriad of grievances and hangups you may have seen ruminating under the surface. Indeed, the entire week leading up to tonight has been utterly hellish; everything, good and bad, feels amplified times a million. Chances are you've been feeling extra passionate about your likes, dislikes, truths, missteps and goals for the following year.

This is because every aspect of your life requires honest assessment at this moment. Shackles must be unchained, facts must be faced, yearnings must be acted upon. And so our advice to you in this transitional moment in time is to take some time to truly, honestly reflect. New Moons, but this one specifically, are a time to pause, think on the people and habits you want to keep and nourish in the coming year, and a time to seriously consider living your truth in whatever weird forms that may take.

This entire year has been a setup for you to become the person you've always been, the person you truly are, so you can live the life you want to live in 2016. It's all about intentions, being honest (with yourself and with others) and clarity. It's about passion, drive and moving forward full speed ahead. So shake off those cobwebs, strap on those Doc Martens, and forge your path forward, Babes!

Here are some tips for rocking this New Moon:

  • Set the Scene. If you can't sit under the sky, try to sit by a window. Light some white candles, and bust out your sandalwood or neroli oils. Light some incense if this pleases you. Basically, create a safe space in which every element feels essential to your self-love practice. Woo your soul, y'all!
  • Reflect. Sit in front of a mirror and give yourself a New Moon pep talk. Reflect on anything that's been bothering you- whether it be self-doubt, money worries, stress, job dissatisfaction or disapproval of certain physical features- and, without reservation or judgement, assure yourself that you are a beautiful, powerful, incredible creature, meant to slay this new year with reckless abandon. Start considering what you truly want from this one beautiful life. Feeling stuck? See the next tip.
  • Do Something Spontaneous. Harness the freeing power of Sagittarius in this New Moon. Head outside and dance wildly under the stars, get in your car and drive somewhere new with the windows down, paint a masterpiece using only your hands, gather your IRL Coven members and make some mischief. Whatever you do, take this creative energy into your new year. Wild truths are unleashed when you let yourself act on whatever your intuition truly desires.
  • Manifest Magic. Within the first 24 hours of the new moon, take 30 minutes to yourself to write down your intentions. Thoughts create actions which create results. Sit with a notebook, some tea and your thoughts. Write down everything you want in this coming moon phase. Begin every sentence with "I am grateful for ________," speaking and writing as though you have already achieved your goal... because soon you will. And don't forget...
  • Be Honest. With yourself most of all, but with others as well. This doesn't mean you have to confess every little thing to everyone, all of the time, forever until the end of time... just that you should stop lying to others and to yourself. This new moon and this year are about being your truest, freest self, shaking off the chains of self-doubt and expectations of others in favor of a more fabulous life. Don't hold back just because society expects you to! The world will shift in your favor.

Think of the New Moon and 2016 like this: up until this point, you've been the passenger in someone else's car. It's been a tumultuous ride, with highs and lows, and at times maybe you've even driven this car and taken control. But all along it has belonged to someone else.

This year, 2016, is like the shiny cherry red Firebird (or, if you're like me, the spiffy jet black El Camino) of your wildest, most radical dreams. You've got nothing in front of you but open road and possibilities, and the taste is sweet. Windows down, hair whipping about, music blasting. This is your freest moment, and it's yours for the taking.

Happy New Moon, Babes!