The Final Full Moon of 2015

The day is here. The last Full Moon of 2015 can be seen on Christmas Day for the first time since 1977! If you’re anything like me, this should be an interesting ride in store for you (and I am sure you’ve felt the pull in the nights leading up to this)...

The Moon is at home in her sign of Cancer, so be aware that her traits are even more well seen and that her pull is strong. She is all of our emotions, our gut instincts and our emotional pasts. 

The Cancer Full Moon focuses on family, and at what better time of the year? It represents security, balance, and nurture. This full moon will make you feel supported to embrace being loving and affectionate, and to embrace your intuitive and emotional sides that (if you’re like me) you may tend to push aside. This may be an overwhelming feeling, especially when addressing the aspects that are needed to lead emotions from the year to a peaceful place. 



Be aware that change is inevitable. 


Be patient and kind, as others will be feeling the same emotional vulnerability as well. It’s all too possible for a slip of the tongue that may not be so kind, but recognize that it may not be worth it at this time, and that this moon is about accepting your loved ones for who they are and showing them unconditional love. 


“All in all, with Cancer’s delight in gathering of the tribes and her rulership of food, hearth and home, the feminine aspect of each of us will most likely create a nourishing environment of good memories, nostalgia, and connection through the heart.” -Patricia Liles


The Full Moon is all about releasing and purging. Doing so will make way for new opportunities. Given the festivities, you may not have had a lot of time to dedicate to the kind of well-rounded Full Moon Ritual you’re used to. Don’t worry, because simple is the way to go when you’re traveling and being merry. Try these few steps:


Firstly, form a sacred space. The weather has been rather tame for early winter, so its the perfect night to gather your space outside in nature, under the moon herself. 

Burn sage and clear the air of any negativity. Collect some goodies from your favorite travel kit, ours includes a small candle, some dried flowers, and our favorite crystals. I’ve also planned to bring a piece of paper and a pen to scratch out what I feel I need to release. 

Clear your mind and think back to all of your intentions from the New Moon not that long ago. Now reflect.  Center yourself and when ready, write down the things you would like to release. Whatever is getting in the way of your intentions that you are displeased with, release it. Write these down on the paper and sign and date it with the statement “I now release this.” 

Sit and reflect on what you have just chosen to release, while repeating “I let this go.” Take the paper and hold it over the candle and watch it burn right before you the very things that you are releasing. When the paper has burned away, sit and reflect again. Think about what will be to come and how releasing whatever you chose to release is going to affect your future.

Lastly, cleanse yourself. You can certainly use any body of water; draw yourself a salt bath, jump in open water etc. This time, I’m just going to have a bowl of water by my side. Place your hands (or your whole body) in the water signifying the cleansing of your energies. Sit for as long as you feel necessary for harnessing the energy of the mother moon and centering yourself. 


Now is the time to cleanse yourself of negative energy and everything that is holding you back from what you want. Remember to always love and trust yourself. 

Happy Full Moon Festivities, Babes!