Babe Coven was formed in 2015 by a group of three friends, who loved all things mystical, macabre, haunted and occult. They are artists, jewelers, embroiderers, crafters, activist, feminists, body love experts, believers in the power of nature and the power of women. When in each others company, they felt powerful, and wanted to bring that power to others through community, education, ritual and empowerment.

Babe Coven is a space for full moon magic, DIY rituals, body empowerment practices, self love parties, black cats, occult history, haunted adventures, macabre mayhem, fabulous feminists, art spotlights, and intersectional ideals. We encourage you to bring your crystals, candles, tarot cards, divining objects, plants and pestles as well as your teacups, black cats, radical feminist literature, cross-stitches, sketchbooks, whiskey flasks, film cameras, and dark lipstick. This is a safe space for all who seek refuge and compassion, regardless of gender, sexual identity or race; we want you to embrace the weird, wonderful parts of you, the parts that society may have deemed unacceptable or confusing.

It's a time for more than self-acceptance; it's a time for self-creation. We want to dance with you under the full moon; to share stories of herstory and help shape society; to traipse through cemeteries looking for the graves of witches past; to indulge in ritual practices that will bring you inner peace and gratitude for all the gifts the world has to offer; to stand with you in times of crisis and struggle, and fight with you in the streets for equality and justice; to honor one another as strong, powerful creatures; to find magic in the mundane.

Welcome to our Coven.

THINGS BABE COven is not:

A Satanic cult

A religion of any kind, nor do we affiliate ourselves with any specific religion

Black Magic

A sounding board for hate and intolerance

A nonprofit (although we do believe in charity work and volunteer activism)

An Etsy store (although we do have one of those!)

A fashion blog

A political movement

A place for misogyny, misogynoir, TERFs, MRAs, transphobia, homophobia, or racism

want more?

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