Corinne Dodenhoff:
Pink Witch


Co-founder Corinne Dodenhoff is a visual enchantress and artistic Jill-of-all-trades. At any given time, she's got her fingers in 100 different pies; she manifests connections and talents in all aspects of the tri-state art world, and she wouldn't have it any other way. Outside of running events and dreaming up designs for Babe Coven, she is a highly-sought freelance illustrator and graphic designer whose practice revolves around manifesting magic for small, witch-run businesses. A former lead designer for an internationally recognized women's clothing company, Corinne knows that good design and beautiful aesthetics are just as powerful as any ritual for inviting abundance into your life. While design is her day job, you can often find her at night entering a meditative trance while painting. Her powerful fine artwork centers around themes of graffiti culture, romance, mythology and feminism.

In addition to her multitude of visual pursuits, Corinne is a body positive activist, sometimes-model and budding burlesque dancer under the stage name Miss Whiskey Ginger. She incorporates her beliefs in radical self love and the body as divine source into her dance practice; if you want to bring the stage to you, she also crafts free movement rituals and group classes. As a self-defined "Pink Witch", a brand of witchcraft which centers around an eclectic blend of chaos magic and self love, she believes that all bodies are capable of soliciting sensuality, pleasure, abundance and respect. 

She is also the drummer in a riot-grrrl revival punk band, Torpedoes, based out of New Jersey. When she isn't playing with them she's making ambient folk music with her partner, petting her cat, reading, learning about the Tarot, playing D&D, spending time with her beloved Coven, making time for adventures, or crafting the perfect playlist. 

She was Slutist's "Slut of the Month" for February 2018.