Haleigh Schiafo:
Kink Witch


Co-founder Haleigh Schiafo is a queer femme witch, aesthetic sorceress, and writer with a background in fashion business and a passion for the perverse. By day, she works as a shop girl and buyer for a historical NYC punk boutique, and has experience as a buyer, planner, and merchant for a recognized women's clothing brand. Former editor-in-chief for a premier dark lifestyle website turned freelance writer, she weaves self-care, feminism, sex-positivity, activism, community, and magic into wicked words and inspiring prose. She has bylines in Dirge Magazine, Dear Darkling, and Venefica Magazine.

When she's not conjuring up new ideas, curating events, and tackling the behind-the-scenes operations of Babe Coven, you can find her performing as Mistress Moon, where her identity as a queer, kinky femme comes to life on stage. A budding burlesque performer and rope artist, she explores kink and sensuality as a form of self-love and way to reconnect with her body as a conduit for art and magic. In collaboration with musical acts, such as Heavy Temple and Blacksage, she creates immersive experiences where sound and rope come together in a visually stunning exploration of intimacy. She also visually documents her self-tie practice as a way to reclaim her sexuality and her body, and proudly wears the term "slut" on her leather-clad sleeves. She strives to find magic in the mundane and uses her proclivity for aesthetics as a form of witchcraft, from applying red lipstick for a dose of ferocious power to wearing jewelry as mystical armor. She is a firm believer in the inherent magic of women and queers, and centers not only her community, but her politics, magic, and existence around uplifting that magic.

When Haleigh finally rests her busy Gemini brain, you can find her spending time with her Coven, playing D&D, learning bass, hanging out with her cats, listening to or seeing music, snuggling one of her partners, or taking a candle-lit bath.